Dr. Peter Hotez declared the anti-vaxxer movement a political movement and the most dangerous murderous force in the world

Dr. Peter Hotez declared the anti-vaxxer movement a political movement and the most dangerous murderous force in the world

Let’s look at the good face of the man who, on behalf of the World Health Organization, openly called unvaccinated people murderers without anyone batting an eyelid, and let’s ask ourselves – is this man sane? His name is Dr. Peter Hotez also proudly signed the video work – so that it is known who is behind it. And how does he even allow himself to discriminate and discredit a part of humanity in such a shameful way without being sanctioned and punished in some way? Incredibly.

A video in which Dr. Peter Hotez utters his shameful insults, which have traveled around the world thanks to social networks. Let’s remember well. In his attack on unvaccinated people, the infamous Dr. Peter Hotez stood out in particular with his first and last name and the face with which he looks us directly in the eyes. He’s the one who called the unvaccinated population a ‘killing force’ in a video that went around the world without any of the vaccinated rebelling against it. Silence is recognition. So, they agree with what was said… Beautiful, isn’t it?

dr. In a discriminatory video towards unvaccinated people, Peter Hotez says the following clearly and loudly: “Anti-vaxxer activism, which I also call anti-scientific aggression – has become the main murderous force on a global scale. During the Covid pandemic in the United States, 200,000 Americans needlessly lost their lives because they refused the Covid vaccine, even after vaccines became available to everyone. And now, anti-vaxxer activism is spreading around the world, even in middle- and low-income countries. That’s killing power. The anti-science current kills more people today than armed violence, global terrorism, nuclear proliferation or cyber attacks. And that has now turned into a political movement that is associated with right-wing extremism in America. The same thing is happening in Germany. So this is the new face of anti-scientific aggression. Therefore, we need political solutions to solve it.”

A hybrid war of man against man is underway. The war of the privileged (vaccinated) against the marked and discriminated (unvaccinated). Now suddenly it turns out that unvaccinated people are to blame for everything. They are guilty because they were disobedient, and they were declared guilty by obedient citizens who rushed to get vaccinated. Unvaccinated people are to blame for obediently getting vaccinated, not those people who forced vaccinated people to get vaccinated. Interestingly, the largest number of attacks during the pandemic, and even now while the whole confusion about it is still going on – comes from the direction of vaccinated people going towards unvaccinated people. We have not yet heard insults against vaccinated people by unvaccinated people, because these are mostly people who believe in the right to choose and they are not at all bothered by the fact that someone has been vaccinated, as much as vaccinated people are bothered by the fact that there are people who have not been vaccinated.

Now they are inoculated in fear, because they have seen how many people die suddenly. They become nervous because they do not know what chemical is in their body. Now they would still blame unvaccinated people and declare them guilty with bloody hands, murderers, a threat to humanity.

Sean Penn would lock all unvaccinated people in their houses and wouldn’t even let them on public transport, Jennifer Anniston doesn’t hang out with unvaccinated people anymore, Tom Hanks has no respect for people who don’t wear protective masks. In some stores in Germany, the signs ‘unvaccinated undesirables’ appeared, only to be removed later. Martha Stewart filmed a double-edged commercial for a booster dose of Pfizer vaccine, in which it talks about an unwelcome guest who needs to be killed. Of course, they said it was about Covid, but we could to say that this is an unvaccinated person who should be removed from the face of the earth because he represents a great threat to humanity.

These are all ambiguous messages that we can understand in who knows what way. All in all, the creators of the plandemic succeeded in their intention to divide the world for the umpteenth time and to impose on us, or better say, an underhanded division into vaccinated and unvaccinated people, along with all the other divisions. Now they even came up with codes to mark us so that the system knows at all times which of us has been vaccinated and how many times, and who has not. Terrible. And who knows what kind of laws they can pass so that they can ghettoize, segregate, discriminate and humiliate us in who knows what ways, as they humiliated us by marking us with Covid certificates and depriving us of human and civil liberties if we didn’t have them.

The scandalous video of the WHO (World Health Organization) in which it is stated unreservedly that anti-vaxxers are more dangerous than the terrorists themselves, is perhaps one of the most impressive attacks on unvaccinated people and what is strangest of all is that no one reacted more seriously to that video. Everyone just watched it and nothing to anyone. Did any of the vaccinated people stand up against the terrible insults that were uttered in the video in question against unvaccinated people?

dr. In that video, Peter Hotez declared any criticism of vaccines, regardless of the arguments, “the killing power of the world”. According to him, all unvaccinated people are anti-scientific aggressors – whatever that means. dr. Hotez explicitly claims the following: “Anti-vaxxers have killed more people than armed conflicts of all kinds, global terrorism, the release of nuclear power plants and cyber attacks combined.”

dr. Peter Hotez normally conducts research in the field of SARS-vaccines and, in collaboration with Maria Elena Botazzi, he created one of the vaccines against Covid: CORBEVAX.

Let’s remember once again that shameful controversial video of the WHO, which we already wrote about on the Epoch portal, and let’s think carefully about it:

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