David Icke: Me, me and only me – This philosophy will get us nowhere

David Icke: Me, me and only me – This philosophy will get us nowhere

Selfishness has taken over the world. Everyone thinks only of themselves. David Icke’s legendary speech sounds more than actual today, just as much as before. Me, me and only me. My life. My job. My money. My career. My interests. My wants and needs. Me, me and only me. It doesn’t work like that. It won’t work.

It is difficult to find a man who doesn’t think about himself, of course, but it is important to see others as well. It is important to see the person next to you, the people around you, because we are all connected and if we forget that and start thinking only and exclusively about ourselves as the powerful do, then we can be sure that this world is marching towards destruction. When a person stops caring about another human being, there is no help for us. No one will care about anyone anymore. Everyone will only look out for themselves and their own survival, even if that means trampling on other people. Everyone will look to get material benefits, even at the expense of other people. If in our time money has become the measure of everything, humanity disappears. There is no humanity. Nor the future. Nor the survival of humanity.

Money cannot be a prerequisite for the treatment of a person who needs medical help. It is extremely brutal and cruel. Money cannot be a prerequisite for someone to get a crust of bread if they are hungry. Money cannot be a prerequisite for someone to get a drop of water if they are thirsty. In translation, this means that if someone has no money – he has no right to live. Money becomes the standard of life. A prerequisite for survival. Those who have it – they survive. Selfishness intensifies every day. The greed of the powerful too.

Selfish people who are enthroned in positions from which the distribution of resources is decided will selectively distribute them to those people who will be part of their interest clan and will not even blink when they are faced with social injustices, because they do not concern them in the least, they do not have the slightest empathy in themselves – because it is important that they feel good. My money, my career, my job, me, me and only me. It doesn’t work that way.

With this me, me and only me philosophy, the world is already in an advanced stage of collapse. The ease with which people accepted the alienation and selfish philosophy of their survival without the slightest regard for the people around them is unbearable. They think – just let me feel good. I don’t care how others feel. Humanity will not survive that way. People are not aware that they are working against themselves through selfishness. Every time we ignore another human, we have ignored ourselves, because that human is here in this world together with us.

Isn’t it a great feeling to help someone? Let’s remember and ask ourselves – when was the last time we helped someone and remember how good we felt then. When will people start resisting this mass hypnosis? When will they start standing up for other people and not just for themselves?

Guys, what are you doing, asks David Icke. What are you doing? Are you aware that you are killing your own children and grandchildren with your selfish actions? This applies to scientists, politicians, and businessmen. Everyone is equally focused on themselves and their own interests. And what’s more, they are networked with each other’s interests, again for their particular interests. Interest networking is not the same as true human connection between people that asks for nothing in return, but is simply what it is – human to human connection, just because we are where we are – all of us together on the same journey called – life. Let’s wake up before it’s too late. The power is in our hands. The power is in our togetherness, not in our selfishness.

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