Lula da Silva imposes mandatory vaccination against COVID for all Brazilian children

Lula da Silva imposes mandatory vaccination against COVID for all Brazilian children

Brazil’s newly installed authoritarian President Lula da Silva announced last week that the dangerous COVID-19 vaccine will be mandatory for all children in Brazil if parents wish to continue receiving government assistance.

Lula made the declaration during the inauguration of the ophthalmology and diagnostic units of the Super Carioca Health Center in Benfica, Rio de Janeiro.

“The Bolsa Família is coming back, and it is coming back with something important; it is coming back with conditions. The children have to be in school. If they are not in school, the mother loses the benefit,” Lula declared.

“The children have to be vaccinated. Suppose they don’t have a vaccination certificate. In that case, the mother will lose the benefit.”

Lula said the government vaccine mandate is for the greater good, even if it means citizens take 10 or 50 vaccines.

“For God’s sake, we can’t be ignorant to the point of thinking it’s not worth getting vaccinated,” he said.

“I keep asking myself what kind of love does this mother have for her children, that she doesn’t take care of them at the most important moment when they can be vaccinated and can avoid a more delicate disease in their lives,” Lula continued.

“We can’t hesitate; we can’t play around. It is a question of science,” he said, seemingly ignoring the mountains of evidence the experimental mRNA injection is not only ineffective, but can also lead to a number of adverse neurological and cardiovascular side effects.

“If there are ten COVID vaccines, 50 to take, I will take as many as necessary because I like my life. I think everyone has a duty to their children’s life, take them [to vaccinate] at the right age, that’s why they say the Bolsa Família is coming back,” Lula said.

The announcement marks a major policy reversal since Bolsonaro, who stepped down after a contentious election in November, rejected the COVID vaccine mandate.

Meanwhile, Lula flew to Washington, D.C., on Friday to meet with fellow puppet president Joe Biden for a bilateral meeting praising each other’s far-left policies.

The two also reportedly discussed arresting Bolsonaro, who is now residing in Florida, for the riots on the presidential palace.

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