Senator Rand Paul has introduced legislation to stop funding hospitals that deny care to the unvaccinated

Senator Rand Paul has introduced legislation to stop funding hospitals that deny care to the unvaccinated

Senator Rand Paul has introduced a bill that would end federal funding for health care facilities that choose to withhold critical treatment from people who choose not to receive COVID vaccines.

“No American should be denied access to critical care based on a personal medical decision, but tragically, many hospitals and other medical facilities continue to discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19,” Paul said in a statement.

The senator added that his bill, called the COVID-19 Vaccination Nondiscrimination Act, “will protect the rights of vulnerable patients to make their own health care choices and ensure that federal taxpayer dollars do not support facilities that turn away patients based on their COVID-19. 19 vaccination status.” “.

Paul points to a recent case in which a 14-year-old girl was denied a kidney transplant by Duke University Hospital because her parents chose not to vaccinate her.

The girl already had a COVID-19 infection, developed natural immunity, but the hospital still refused to provide her with the necessary care.

Numerous hospitals across America follow the same “no vaccine, no transplant” policy.

Two more hospitals require mandatory vaccinations before allowing organ transplants.

UCHealth in Colorado denied a kidney transplant to a woman in stage five kidney failure because she refused to receive a vaccine.

A Cleveland hospital also refused to provide a nine-year-old boy with a potentially life-saving kidney transplant because his father had not received the COVID-19 vaccine.

The hospital refuses to perform a life-saving kidney transplant on a nine-year-old boy because his father was not vaccinated.

A six-month-old boy in Tennessee with a heart defect was also initially denied a transplant because his parents refused to vaccinate him, and a medical ethics expert accused the doctor of playing “the politics of COVID.”

A man in Boston was also denied a heart transplant because he had not been vaccinated.

There are similar shocking cases in which children have been refused critical transplants in several European countries, as well as in Great Britain, simply because their parents did not vaccinate them.

Senator Paul, a physician himself, further notes, “There is no place for discrimination in the medical profession. The Hippocratic Oath requires physicians to care for their patients without prejudice and to refrain from any intentional wrongdoing or injury. This bill will introduce that basic principle into law”.

Rep. Dan Bishop, who introduced the companion bill in the House, also noted, “There is no reason for medical facilities to deny care to people based on their COVID-19 vaccination status, and certainly no reason for facilities that do so to receive any federal funding .”

Without an intervention like Paul’s law, Americans could end up where countries like New Zealand have ended up, with “authorities” threatening to take away children from parents who refuse to give their children COVID vaccines.

One of the headlines says – ‘This is where the tyranny begins’: New Zealand may take baby from parents seeking ‘unvaccinated’ blood for heart surgery.

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