World Government Summit: A quick shock is needed to move humanity to the New World Order

World Government Summit: A quick shock is needed to move humanity to the New World Order

Globalists gathered at the World Government Summit in Dubai to discuss advanced plans to create a one world government.

World leaders and powerful elites gathered at an event this week to present ideas for expanding globalism by uniting the governments of sovereign nations.

During a panel discussion at the summit, Professor Arturo Brice from IMD’s Center for Global Competitiveness argued that a “shock” was needed to move global society away from the current “world order”.

He insisted that the “transformation” of the “world order” “cannot be gradual”.

Brees told the audience that elites and world leaders need to address how to use the “shock” so the world can “go through this transformation.”

“How will this transition take place?” asked Dr. Brice.

“I completely agree that the world order, as it is constructed today, makes no sense,” he explained.

“It is not in line with economic powers like India, Brazil or Germany”.

“They don’t have a big role in the international order.”

“But the big question for me is how we go through this transformation.”

“It cannot be gradual,” he said.

“It has to be, it has to be, partly driven by the shock that’s going to happen.”

“So now we’re going to go over all of this again…”

Elsewhere, World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and president Klaus Schwab addressed the crowd about his vision of a global government that would “master” the human race.

Schwab called on elites attending the World Government Summit in Dubai to come together globally to “master” advanced technologies.

He warned the summit participants that the world could “escape our power” if they did not act quickly.

Schwab noted that “the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution” will play a role in his “Great Reset” agenda.

Then he declared: “Whoever masters these technologies will – in a way – be the master of the world.”

In ten years, we will be completely different, Schwab said.

“My deep concern about the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, if we don’t work together globally, if we don’t formulate, shape the necessary policies together, they will elude our power to master these technologies.”

Meanwhile, Twitter boss Elon Musk also spoke at the World Government Summit.

However, Musk didn’t quite tell the globalist visitors what they wanted to hear.

Musk warned that the attempt to form a “one world government” could cause a “collapse of civilization”.

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