Pope Francis said that “pedophiles have a special place in heaven”

Pope Francis said that “pedophiles have a special place in heaven”

Pope Francis scandalized victims of sexual abuse by declaring that pedophilia is a mysterious disease and that we must not judge those who suffer from it. Instead, according to the Pope, we must accept that God loves pedophiles, created them for a reason and reserved a special place in heaven for them.

According to Franja, we have to accept pedophiles because they have existed throughout history, in all cultures and societies. “Sexual abuse of minors is, and historically has been, a widespread phenomenon in all cultures and societies,” he said. “I remember the cruel religious practice, once widespread in certain cultures, of sacrificing human beings – often children – in pagan rites.”

The statements of Pope Francis scandalized victims of sexual abuse by priests, which is understandable. Activists for survivors of religious sexual abuse reacted furiously after Pope Francis refused to pledge a “zero tolerance” approach to pedophile priests and bishops who cover up their crimes at the closing of a Vatican summit.

But should we really be surprised by Franja’s attitude?

This is a Pope who takes every opportunity to declare the Bible wrong. He began his papacy by declaring evolution and the big bang theory to be real.

It is the Pope who informed his flock that “relations with Jesus are dangerous and harmful”. Breaking with centuries of Christian tradition, Pope Francis sparked fears that he was an illegitimate pope with a sinister agenda when he told a crowd of 33,000 pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square in Rome that a “personal, direct, immediate relationship with Jesus Christ” must be avoided at all costs.

And as if that wasn’t disturbing enough, Francis followed up with the equally ominous announcement that “Jesus is Satan.”

Pope Francis is a paid member of the globalist elite. And don’t forget – for the elite, bad is good.

As a contributor to the agenda of the World Economic Forum, Pope Francis speaks fluently about blasphemy and actively works to undermine the church and Christianity in general.

Pope Francis’ inverted version of Christianity is confusing to many, but his agenda becomes much easier to understand when you understand who the pope actually serves. To quote French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, Pope Francis is a “globalist bulldog” who is loyal to the New World Order.

In 2017, Pope Francis called for “one world government” and “political authority”, arguing that the creation of a one world government is necessary to combat problems such as “climate change”. Speaking to the Ecuadorian newspaper El Universo, the Pope said the United Nations does not have enough powers and must be given full governmental control “for the good of humanity”.

Now Pope Francis is actively defying the biblical letter by working to create a “one world religion”.

In 2019, Pope Francis signed a historic alliance with the leaders of the world’s major religions, pushing us much closer to one world religion, as one of the main goals of the New World Order.

According to the document created by Pope Francis and published on the official website of the Vatican, all religions must be considered equal.

As if he hadn’t already made it clear that he was not a man of God, Francis then hosted a pagan ceremony involving brazen idol worship on Vatican grounds.

Only time will tell if Pope Francis’ twisted and corrupt vision of the future will be accepted by Catholics around the world, but one thing is certain: traditional conservative Christians will not go down without a fight.

Nor should they.

The globalist elite have issued a series of dire warnings to the people of the world: surrender your sovereignty and accept the New World Order or face certain death. They claim that only by surrendering our freedom and autonomy to the elite can we hope to avoid the catastrophes that loom on the horizon.

This cabal of power-hungry billionaires and politicians has long planned to enslave the masses, and now they think they have all their ducks lined up and are making their move.

But more and more people refuse to submit to the tyrannical demands of the global elite. Brave men and women rise up to strike back at the elite, determined to defend their sovereignty at all costs, determined to protect their families and, most importantly, protect their children from the ravenous wolves.

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