WEF official admits ’15-minute cities’ will imprison humanity in digital camps for life

WEF official admits ’15-minute cities’ will imprison humanity in digital camps for life

The 15-minute city concept, the brainchild of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is becoming a reality in the United States with the city of Cleveland, Ohio signing on to the scheme and pledging to implement Klaus Schwab’s vision.

The term refers to a community where residents can reach everyday essentials – such as work, school and shops – by walking, cycling or taking public transport in 15 minutes or less. According to globalists promoting the concept, 15-minute cities are needed to combat climate change and support public health.

Critics of the 15-minute city concept argue that the elite are building open-air prisons into which residents will be walled off, figuratively and literally. And as we’ll see in a minute, there’s plenty of evidence, including an admission by a city official, that “forced closings of the future” are at the forefront of the city’s elite 15-minute agenda.

Democratic Mayor Justin Bibb says he is determined to make Cleveland, Ohio, the first 15-minute city in North America, introducing the concept to local residents and the media during his State of the City address last April.

“We’re working to be the first city in North America to implement the 15-Minute City Planning Framework, where people—not developers, but people—are at the center of urban revitalization, because no matter where you live, you have access to good shopping , vibrant parks and work you can get to,” Bibb said in the speech.

Residents of East Palestine, Ohio, which is an hour and a half from Cleveland, have reported being encouraged to move to Cleveland.

Why are the elites trying to cram everyone into this zone?

We know that the globalist elite joined the UN Agenda 21, which calls for the creation of “wild lands” and the concentration of the population in certain areas. And we know that Klaus Schwab is pushing the 15-minute city concept.

When other cities around the world introduced 15-minute urban motions, they faced onslaughts of protests, with residents worried that elites were planning to wall them off and create conditions for forced lockdowns.

Which makes a lot of sense when you consider the story of Oxford, England, which is also moving towards following the dictates of the WEF and becoming a 15-minute city. So what are the elite actually planning when it comes to these new city designs?

A city official in Oxford, England, let the cat out of the bag when he announced that “climate blockades” had arrived and were here to stay “whether people like it or not” as Oxford residents announced they had to ask the government for permission to move around the city .

Oxfordshire residents will now need a special permit to go from one “zone” of the city to another. However, even residents who receive a permit will only be able to travel from one zone to another “for a maximum of 100 days per year.”

Oxfordshire County Council yesterday approved plans to lock residents into one of six zones to ‘save the planet’ from global warming. The latest phase in the ’15 minute city’ plan is to install electronic gates on key roads in and out of the city, confining residents to their own neighbourhoods.

Under the new plan, if residents want to leave their zone, they will need permission from the council, which decides who is worthy of freedom and who is not. Under the new scheme, residents will be allowed to leave their zone for a maximum of 100 days a year, but to do so, each resident will have to register their car details with the council, which will then track their movements via smart cameras throughout the area. City.

Will the people of Oxfordshire really put up with it?

Bill Gates was caught admitting that the climate change agenda is a massive New World Order hoax in a recently released video boasting that the term “clean energy” has “screwed people’s minds”.

If we accept the concept of climate isolation, we will fall for a fraud.

I never thought we’d actually see climate blockades applied in the free world, but here we are.

Of course, there are a few people who are vocally opposed to this new plan, but Duncan Enright, Oxfordshire County Cabinet Member for Travel and Development Strategy, promises that “the controversial plan will go ahead whether people like it or not”.

Global elites have stopped pretending to believe in democracy.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the nature of the rhetoric coming out of the World Economic Forum lately. They now consider themselves gods with “divine powers” over “creation and destruction”. As for God, he is dead. And Jesus is “fake news”.

The WEF plan is pure poison and the real world consequences are unfolding before our eyes. In the Netherlands, the government is actually forcibly closing up to 3,000 farms to comply with Klaus Schwab’s demands and “reduce its nitrogen pollution” …

Farmers were warned that they had to accept the government’s offer for their farm, whether they wanted to sell it or not.

“There is no better offer,” Christianne van der Wal, the nitrogen minister, said in the Dutch parliament on Friday.

These are gangster tactics. And yes, the WEF-infiltrated Dutch government now has a “nitrogen minister”.

We’re dealing with an unprecedented global food crisis, and the Dutch government has decided now is the time to force the closure of thousands of farms? This is literally suicide.

Speaking of suicide, Canada has found a way to get people to stop emitting any carbon at all after their usefulness ends. Assisted suicide has become quite popular among liberal Canadians, and the number of people opting for this option is growing every year. According to a Daily Mail report:

Last year, more than 10,000 people in Canada – a staggering three per cent of all deaths there – ended their lives by euthanasia, an increase of a third over the previous year. And it’s likely to keep growing: Next year, Canada will allow people to die solely because of mental health.”

If you’re feeling depressed, Klaus Schwab’s Canada has a solution for that.

And if you are physically disabled, Canada has a solution for that too.

Just last week, the astonishing story emerged of how, five years into a furious battle to get an elevator for her home, Canadian military veteran and Paralympian Christine Gauthier was offered a remarkable alternative.

A Canadian official told her in 2019 that the government would help her kill herself if her life was so difficult and she was so ‘desperate’. “I have a letter that says if you’re that desperate, madam, we can offer you an assistant, medical assistance in dying,” the former paraplegic army corporal testified to Canadian lawmakers.

“Medical aid in dying” sounds so clinical, but ultimately it is the biggest lock-in of all.

Because once you stop breathing, you will no longer be able to commit any “climate sins”. The WEF is infiltrating governments across the western world and authoritarianism is growing at an absolutely breathtaking pace.

If they can forcibly shut down farms and build 15-minute cities that severely limit travel today, what kind of tyranny will we see in the future?

Unfortunately, most people in the general population still don’t understand what’s going on.

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