The VIP elite is in a panic as the Nuremberg 2.0 trials for ‘crimes against humanity’ become a reality

The VIP elite is in a panic as the Nuremberg 2.0 trials for ‘crimes against humanity’ become a reality

Preparations are underway for trials for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, according to an ICC insider who reveals that key figures in the globalist establishment will be sacrificed on the altar of public outrage for their crimes in the failed elite fight against the Covid pandemic.

The globalist elite made the last three years hell for the majority, but we persevered, preserved our dignity and exposed their lies, one by one. Now our abusers have been cornered and forced to admit the lies they told. And they want us to forgive and forget.

But that won’t happen. The people are waking up. And since people are waking up and realizing that the nightmare of the last three years was deliberately created by the globalist elite, they are rising up and demanding justice.

This led some of the elite to understand that they needed to throw a few of their own under the bus to appease the masses. And while it will be gratifying to see key players in the Covid pandemic face justice on charges of crimes against humanity, it’s worth remembering that we were already here when the Nazi leadership of the Third Reich was tried at Nuremberg.

A total of 199 defendants were tried, 161 were sentenced to prison, and 37 were sentenced to death for crimes against humanity and war crimes. But the death of these key players of the Third Reich did not mean the end of Nazism. It was simply a scam for the elite to maintain control. Eventually the Nazis just rebranded themselves and tried again under a new guise.

Nazi scientists and doctors were exported to the United States, and Europe was flooded with globalist organizations that included the children and grandchildren of the Nazi leadership. Schwab, Soros and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen are just a few examples of globalist leaders with direct links to the Nazi leadership supposedly eradicated at Nuremberg. And these globalist leaders continue their work in a new guise.

Given the failures at Nuremberg, we must learn from history and make sure that this time the real criminals are held accountable for crimes against humanity. The evidence for conviction already exists. We have been methodically building our case against our abusers, building files of their mistakes and confessions, ever since they became arrogant enough to think they could strip us of our freedom and subjugate the entire human race.

There is plenty of evidence to prove that the main players knew exactly what they were doing all along. These include Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab and Big Pharma CEOs including Moderna’s Stephane Bancel and Pfizer’s Albert Bourla. There will be no “I was just following orders” defense for these characters in Nuremberg 2.0.

There is also plenty of evidence that the politicians in every country the World Economic Forum infiltrated knew exactly what was going on. And the evidence continues to emerge. This week in the UK, journalist Isabel Oakeshott passed on more than 100,000 leaked Whatsapp messages to the Telegraph, revealing senior government ministers were discussing when to “introduce” the next variant to “scare” the public.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s private messages reveal the UK government has “introduced a new variant” to scare people into getting the vaccine. Tell me how this differs from the behavior of terrorists?

Here Matt Hancock appears on live TV days after these messages were sent, lying to the nation in the most callous, psychopathic way imaginable.

Matt Hancock also said that Bill Gates “owes me” considering “how many people I inject his chips into”.

Of course, the mainstream media is in full damage control with this, trying to explain that Hancock was “joking”.

Our tormentors and oppressors want us to forget all this and more. But millions are unwilling – not to mention unable – to do so. But that won’t happen. We know their game. And we are ready more than ever to hold them accountable for their crimes.

Make no mistake, the people are waking up. The Biden government paid off vaccine influencers during the Covid years as part of an elite brainwashing campaign, but those lies have not stood the test of time. Russell Brand appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast this week and together they tried to explain to millions of people the evils of Bill Gates, including bombshell truths about his work in Africa.

Gates is only one player in the game. Don’t forget the CEOs of the Big Pharma cartel companies.

Moderna’s CEO, Stéphane Bancel, was caught admitting to his friends at the World Economic Forum that his company had produced 100,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in 2019 – before the pandemic began.

In a revealing clip from the World Economic Forum, Bancel also said he had premonitions about something called the Covid pandemic. Make no mistake, this is proof, from the horse’s mouth, that Moderna and the Big Pharma cartel participated in the planning of the pandemic so that they could push the global elite’s depopulation medicine to the masses.

You may recall that Dr. Ugur Sahin, the CEO of BioNTech, the biotech company that worked with Pfizer to develop their Covid vaccine, admitted on camera that he had not received the Covid vaccine.

All is not well in the world of big pharma. The top scientist responsible for developing the world’s first registered combination vector-based vaccine against Covid-19 in 2020 was found strangled to death in his apartment this week. As people continue to wake up and demand the truth, did the elite consider him a nuisance?

The people who suffered the most, whose lives were irreparably destroyed by the plandemic, will never forget. And they are even less likely to forgive.

Of course, the most vulnerable in society suffered the most. Our elders and our children.

As if Common Core, created by Obama and Bill Gates, wasn’t bad enough for our kids, the Covid restrictions imposed by our abusers have pushed student test scores to historic lows, especially in key subjects, and even more so for students who were at a disadvantage at the start.

And we will never forget how much suffering the elites – and those who carried out their orders – have inflicted on our elderly in nursing homes and hospitals. Neglected, locked up, denied seeing loved ones, thought to be abandoned, many not given the treatment they needed, needlessly and dangerously injected with a toxic experimental injection, many euthanized with morphine and midazolam (used to execute criminals on death row in some US states) all under the guise of preventing a disease that has never been proven to exist.

Thousands have been callously killed in end-of-life ‘care’ programs and their deaths written off as ‘Covid’ deaths by hospitals determined to maximize profits.

And the deaths continue to this day. Excess deaths across all strata of vaccinated society, including the young, healthy and fit, as elite athletes in the prime of life continue to drop like flies from heart attacks and strokes, in numbers not seen at any time in history. This is genocide, a crime against humanity, and the elite must be held accountable for it.

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