A doctor from Florida said that all unvaccinated people should be executed

A doctor from Florida said that all unvaccinated people should be executed

A Florida doctor has been accused of harassing and bullying colleagues and patients over their vaccination status, even calling for unvaccinated Americans to be rounded up and executed.

Lawsuits have been filed against Dr. Daniel B. Case of Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida for his extremist views on vaccines.

At least one of the patients took issue directly with Dr. Case, who proposed medical fascism as a solution for those who choose not to vaccinate.

On September 10, 2021, a Sarasota Memorial Hospital employee filed a complaint with hospital chief Lori Liang about a negative encounter with Case.

Case allegedly asked the person if he had been vaccinated against Covid.

I answered ‘no’, the patient stated in the complaint.

According to the lawsuit, Case then tried to get her to get the vaccine by claiming Democratic President Joe Biden had “made it mandatory” and warned her she could be fired.

“Then Case asked, ‘Do you want to get vaccinated?’ Biden made it mandatory last night.”

“I said no. Not”.

” He asked: “Why not? You can get fired.”

I answered ‘Because it is my freedom of choice’.

Case then allegedly told a colleague that this person and all the others who were not vaccinated “are the reason why people are dying and why Covid is spreading”.

“So I asked him, “Really Dr. Case?? Are you really saying those things??!”

“Then he said: ‘When you’re fired, then we’ll have a party and Darwinism will do its thing.’

“Then I said, ‘that sounds kind of fascist of you to say something like that! Are you a fascist??”

“Then he said ‘see why they should take you to the shooting range’.

According to the lawsuit, Case was referring to the Nazis who rounded up dissidents during World War II and sent them to be shot.

The Florida Standard spoke with hospital employees who spoke on the condition of anonymity but provided copies of their complaints to hospital administrators.

The employee insisted that there was no relationship between the employee and the doctor where such comments could be considered a joke.

Under the leadership of Dr. Jonathan Hofberger, the facility’s chief of staff, Sarasota Memorial Hospital has been the subject of multiple accusations of medical fascism.

Several nurses at the hospital say higher-ups have made lists of the names of all unvaccinated staff members.

Those on the list are allegedly marked as needing “re-education”.

A nurse at the hospital claims a “re-education session” run by other staff tried to pressure them to get vaccinated.

A letter was also sent to staff stating that unvaccinated workers must “isolate themselves during meals”.

Officials also planned to introduce a system of color-coded stickers to be applied to employee badges to identify their vaccination status.

However, the sticker system was never implemented.

Other staff members alleged that Dr. Jonathan Hofberger promotes a hostile work environment.

One doctor stated that Hoffman, a heart surgeon, “yells at unvaccinated patients” and “refuses to perform open heart surgery” on patients who have not received the mRNA injection.

Hofberger has had several posts on social media criticizing those who want to do “their own research”.

“STOP DOING ‘YOUR RESEARCH,'” read the Facebook post, along with an image promoting vaccination.

“Myth: ‘I had COVID-19, so I don’t need to be vaccinated because I have antibodies,'” reads the photo.

The hospital released a statement in response to the complaint, which claimed the attacks were part of a “disinformation” campaign that allegedly sought to “undermine confidence in the health care system.”

Sarasota Memorial Public Relations Manager Kim Savage said in a statement:

“Much of the misinformation being spread in the community is designed to undermine confidence in the health care system that has cared for this community for nearly a century.”

“The allegations are baseless, untrue and undermine the award-winning patient care Sarasota Memorial and its dedicated and hard-working physicians and staff are known for providing.”

“A review of how we responded to the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic demonstrates the successful care that SMH has provided to Covid patients since 2020, with clinical outcomes that have exceeded national and regional hospital standards and saved thousands of lives.”

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