Shocking – A young man killed by the police because of an unidentified car license plate

Shocking – A young man killed by the police because of an unidentified car license plate

Recently released dashcam footage shows the moment before a 25-year-old man was shot by 5 Salt Lake City police officers during a traffic stop.

On March 1, something unusual and shocking, to say the least, happened. Namely, a 25-year-old man named Chase Allan was killed by traffic officers during a traffic stop in suburban Utah. On Wednesday, dashcam footage was released showing officers opening fire on Allan’s car.

Allan was pulled over in his BMW by police in Farmington, a suburb of Salt Lake City, around 3:20 p.m. after an officer spotted his illegal license plate.

After pulling Allan over, the officer approached the vehicle and knocked on the driver’s side window. Allan, who was holding a cell phone, opened the window to speak to the officer.

The officer told Allan, “The reason you were pulled over today is because your vehicle has no registration.”

“I don’t need registration and I don’t answer questions,” Allan replied.

The officer, realizing this could be a difficult situation, said, “Okay,” then immediately called for backup. He then tried to get identification from Allan, who, apparently annoyed at being stopped by the police, again refused to cooperate with the police.

The officer then informed Allan that he was “incarcerated and not free to leave” and calmly offered to talk to Allan about the laws he had broken after refusing to provide identification to the police.

Allan tried to make an argument as to why he was not legally required to hand over identification, to which the officer replied, “I understand what you’re telling me. And what I am telling you is that you have not identified yourself. You obviously don’t have the option to identify yourself. You are legally required to identify yourself.”

“The direction this encounter goes is 100% in your hands,” the officer warned Allan – wanting to let him know he was deciding his own fate. However, no one would have dreamed that such an encounter between the traffic police and an unidentified driver in traffic could end fatally. The officer then asked the young man, “Do you want to identify yourself to me or do you want to go this other way?”

Allan reluctantly gave in to the officer’s demands, handed the officer his passport, but then insinuated that the passport was fake.

At that point, a backup officer arrived on the scene and the first officer asked Allan to step out of his vehicle.

Allan warns the officers that he will be “in trouble” if they keep trying to force him out of the car. As Allan moves the phone from right to left hand, the officers notice a holster on the 25-year-old’s hip.

As the officers attempt to physically remove Allan from his vehicle, Allan reaches for his gun, at which point the officer is heard yelling “gun!” several times, at which point the five policemen who came as reinforcements immediately respond to the call of a colleague and open fire on the vehicle.

After getting Allan out of the car, they see a gun lying on the floor of the car by the front seat.

The family of the 25-year-old criticized the actions of the responsible police officers, calling the circumstances of Allan’s death a “brutal murder”. That’s how expensive a license plate that is not valid or active can cost someone, i.e. how in today’s world the inability to identify a person in public, either in traffic or on the road, is expensive. This young man paid for the impossibility of his identification with his life in the literal sense. The police killed him on the spot. The question that arises is – could this tragedy have been avoided?

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