ALERT: Demon-possessed AI learns how to use synthetic biotechnology to build its own “superhuman” biological systems

ALERT: Demon-possessed AI learns how to use synthetic biotechnology to build its own “superhuman” biological systems

and renowned artificial intelligence (AI) researcher warns that unless all advanced AI systems and associated programs are shut down immediately, humanity will eventually become extinct at the hands of the life-destroying robots they unleash

Eliezer Yudkowsky, co-founder of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI), wrote an op-ed for TIME magazine this week explaining the risks involved in creating these synthetic life forms. He wrote that:

“The most likely outcome of building a superhumanly smart AI, under anything remotely resembling current conditions, is that literally everyone on Earth will die.”

This is a dire warning that is now echoed by others as they come to the grim realization that the agenda does not end with GPT-4 “chatbots” and other seemingly innocuous AI programs. The truth is that these AI systems are becoming possessed by demons with an anti-human agenda, so they must be stopped immediately before it is too late.

AI systems can already be “emailed with DNA” to transform into “artificial life forms,” according to Yudkowsky.

Like Musk, Yudkowsky wants all AI labs to immediately stop all AI training programs beyond GPT-4 for at least the next six months. He also commented on the petition, stating that it “asks too little to solve the problems” created by the rapid and uncontrolled development of AI systems.

These AI systems “don’t care about us or sensitive life in general,” Yudkowsky said, adding that to survive an encounter with such a system, a human needs “precision and preparation and new scientific insights” that humanity generally lacks.

“A sufficiently intelligent AI will not be confined to computers for long,” he added, further explaining that it is already possible to email DNA strands to a lab that can produce proteins for AI “to create artificial life forms.” building or moving directly to post-biological molecular manufacturing.”

It’s the stuff of the Terminator movie series, but in real life, in other words. And it’s happening faster than many people realize because the media distracts everyone with just about every other topic under the sun.

“No exceptions can be made, not even for governments or the military,” Yudkowsky says of how all AI systems should be stopped immediately.

“If intelligence says a country is building a GPU (graphics processing unit) cluster outside the agreement, fear less armed conflict between nations than moratorium violation; be prepared to destroy a rogue data center by airstrike.”

But how do you get all the countries of the world on board to stop AI? Is it even possible to regulate something like that, especially if it takes place in the most remote areas of the world, beyond the control or even the knowledge of law enforcement?

Yudkowsky sees AI as such a threat that he believes it “should be made explicit in international diplomacy that preventing AI eradication scenarios is considered a priority over preventing a full nuclear exchange.”

In the comments, someone joked that “first it was aliens, then it was a zombie apocalypse, and now it’s terminator robots,” implying that Yudkowsky and his allies may be exaggerating the AI ​​threat.

“April 1st,” joked another.

“It is a widely recognized and accepted fact that technological and biological products have been developed and in operation within the military complex for many years before the public was aware of it!” suggested another. “Are these bio artificial intelligence human form androids already among us?”


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