Senior Embalmer’s Shocking Discovery: ‘Dirty Blood’ and Parasitic Fibre Masses in Covid ‘Vaccinated’ Patients 

Senior Embalmer’s Shocking Discovery: ‘Dirty Blood’ and Parasitic Fibre Masses in Covid ‘Vaccinated’ Patients 

Funeral Director and embalmer Laura Jeffery recently testified at the National Citizens Inquiry in Toronto, Ontario, shedding light on a disturbing phenomenon she has observed since the rollout of the experimental Covid vaccines. During her testimony, Jeffery detailed aspects of her profession as a primary method of ensuring that people who have died are well-represented in their appearance. Embalmers use a technique that drains the circulatory system of deceased patients and fills it with preservation fluids, allowing them to present a person that is reasonable to how their appearance should be.

However, Jeffery has been noticing alarming anomalies in the embalming process of individuals who have received the vaccines. She described the return blood as stickier, thicker, and darker with little tiny pieces of clot-like polka dots, calling it ‘dirty blood.’ Furthermore, Jeffery started discovering white fibrous masses in the veins of the deceased individuals in her care.

“It’s an anomaly that I have never seen before in 27 years as an embalmer and funeral director. I started seeing them in the Spring of 2021,” Jeffery said.

“The fibre mass clots are solid. They are an exact cast of what the circulatory system looks like inside of our bodies. They often have a current jelly clot incorporated into the tentacles of the white fibre masses. Hence, it almost seems as though the masses are feeding off our blood,” Jeffery continued, referring to the findings as appearing more parasitic than clot-like. Jeffery said that the masses were getting bigger over time.

Jeffery has observed that the embalming process for individuals who have received the Covid vaccine differs from those who have not. Jeffery has noticed that these individuals often have more swelling and discoloration in their limbs, particularly in the area where the vaccine was administered. These new findings have only been observed since the spring of 2021 and have never been seen before in all her years in the industry.

“I was shocked that the people that I was seeing were living with that amount of that material in their circulatory system; it shows that something is wrong – very wrong. I don’t understand why, as a funeral director, I’m the one blowing the whistle because we have a system that is supposed to take care of us, and it hasn’t, so here I am,” said Jeffery.

Jeffery was disturbed by her findings and has set up an e-mail address,, to receive communication and facilitate a discussion around these findings. She has also connected with other Canadian embalmers who share her concerns.

The implications of Jeffery’s findings are concerning and uncover more startling consequences of the Covid vacciTherefore, its. It is critical that Jeffery’s testimony is thoroughly investigated to determine the full extent of the issue and whether there is cause for alarm. As Jeffery, herself stated, “something is wrong – very wrong.” The public deserves answers, and it is essential that the healthcare industry takes responsibility and provides them.

National Citizens Inquiry

The National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) is an initiative by a group of concerned Canadians seeking to uncover the truth about the Canadian government’s handling of the Covid pandemic. A panel of experts is conducting the inquiry and aims to provide a platform for individuals to share their experiences and insights related to the pandemic. In addition, the NCI is intended to gather evidence and information that can be used to hold government officials accountable for their actions during the pandemic.

Chris, a member of Police On Guard for Thee, provided information about the NCI and the importance of citizen participation in holding government officials accountable.

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