David Icke – What Is Freedom of Speech?

David Icke – What Is Freedom of Speech?

What is freedom of speech – it’s the freedom to speak. So I heard a politician saying ‘I agree with freedom of speech, but there are limits’. Well there’s no freedom of speech then.  Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak. If anyone’s not allowed to speak then it’s not freedom of speech, it’s freedom to conform to certain parameters of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

Then what that’s doing is giving power to some authority to decide what is acceptable and what is not acceptable and as we see and we’re seeing it massively now, once you give that power to an authority – it then starts interpreting what can and cannot be said in a way that squeezes and squeezes and squeezes more and more of what cannot be said. This is what political correctness is about. What is political correctness?  It’s simply manipulating the target population to silence itself so those in authority don’t have to.

It’s ridiculous, people say – well you say that people can say anything. Well, yes I do and I’ll tell you why. There are laws against racism, violence, and I totally agree that we should incite these laws and deal with it. But, what I’m saying is – once you start censoring freedom of speech at the point of delivery or even more sinister – before the point of delivery by banning  people from the right to have access to  the communication networks or speak in  public – that is what the fascists do.

That is what fascists did in nazi Germany. What does tyranny do? It wants to silence those that are exposing the tyranny. So what did the nazis do? They burnt the books, they banned the meetings of people who were exposing the nazis and now in this inverted world we have people who call themselves progressives and they seem to have this extraordinary self-delusion that progressive mentality has something to do with being liberal when it’s not, it’s the opposite of  liberal. 

They are the ones that claim to be wanting people to be inclusive and to accept diversity and at the same time they are the ones destroying diversity and they have become the new tyranny, they have become the new nazis and that sounds quite a strong thing to say.

Well, it’s actually what I’m saying here – if you look at what this progressive  mentality is doing in silencing people and deciding in their arrogance what people can and  cannot say  and what opinion they can and cannot  have, you look at what the nazis did,  you look at what communist soviet union did  in terms of freedom of speech and you  show me the difference between them – there is none and it’s this self-deluded arrogance which goes like this:  I am right,  therefore anyone who says something  different  must therefore be wrong and by definition, because they are wrong and I am right, their freedom of  speech is supposed to be wrong and as such doesn’t need to be taken into account, that’s how the mentality goes.

What I say is – everyone should be entitled to have his or her opinion. We don’t have to agree with each other, but should tolerate each other. It’s stupid to silence someone just because his opinion is different from yours. That is so immature, that we can’t hear different opinions.

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