The latest “musical compilation” directed by Klaus Schwab

The latest “musical compilation” directed by Klaus Schwab

A new compilation of covers of famous hits ‘Greatest Schwabs’ released by TIME LIES is now here.

Some Schwab playing Schwab and looking uncannily like him is the headliner performing the hits we all know. All the hits of the “new normal”.

We don’t know if we should laugh or cry listening to these well-known songs with new lyrics that talk about the cruelty of the times we live in, when we know that this satire is actually our sad reality.

Schwab’s German English adds to the overall impression. Computer technology has also done its part so that we don’t know if it’s a bad dream (nightmare) or a sad news.

Bless us. If nothing else, we can get a little laugh out of the pain, no matter how much we don’t feel like laughing, right? Let’s bit lose hope. Let’s not lose our spirit and sense of humor.

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